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What Does a First Session with You Look Like?

Great question! Before your first session you will have some forms to fill out. These help me get to know you and why you are seeking therapy. In our first session we will talk about some of your answers as well as what's on your mind. Let's face it, when we are ready to commit to therapy, we are ready to jump right in. Don't hold back! I'd rather get to know you more in real time then just ask questions our first session. It will be a combo of both. We will talk about coping skills too so you feel like you are walking away with something helpful and useful.

What's Your Approach?

I work from a few approaches. First an foremost I am an anti-racist, affirming, inclusive therapist. I make no apologies about supporting people as who they are. From a theoretical approach, I work with an attachment lens, Internal Family Systems, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as action. This means I help clients understand their early attachment styles and experiences to look at patterns of behavior in their current lives. Then, when needed, we work on "parts of you" at a time, to heal the whole. It seems intense and it can be, but I make my clients feel safe and secure as they explore hard things. And when good things happen, of course we will celebrate!! 

Therapy FAQs

Session Fee:



Attachment Theory



Method of Counseling:




14 and up

LGBTQIA+ folks

Trans teens

Young Adults


Mood Disorders (Bipolar, MDD)



**now accepting clients**

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